Symplex B

base-, finish inspection and mold number reading in one machine


  • Finish inspection
  • (reflection and Incident light)
  • Base-inspection
  • Base-stress-inspection

Mould Number Reading

  • Dotcode (9 / 10 ..)
  • Segment Code / Alphanumeric Code - advanced algorithm
  • Peanut Code (AGR Code)
  • Costumer-specific codes

Symplex main machines - VIDEO

  • can handle containers up to 440mm height and 160mm diameter
  • up to 400 container ...

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  • different foot-groups available. Machine can be adjusted precisely to your production layout.
  • high resolution color touch screen
  • very intuitive user interface assures easy operation
  • highly protected electronic parts through placement on top of the machine
  • ultra compact space-saving construction
  • smart frame construction with open bottom let escape possible waste and guarantees a tiny machine during operation
  • outstanding durability of the machine through exclusive usage of high-quality rustproof materials like stainless steel or alluminum

Symplex B - highlights

  • Newest digital camera technology
  • High End LED lighting equipment
  • High-resolution color touch screen
  • Dust-proof encapsulation and air-conditioned optical and electrical units
  • Completely motorized adjustment using servo-drives
  • Specialized optical units to optimize inspection results and coverage
  • Modular architecture with numerous options
  • Bottom side open frame construction keeps the machine clean
  • Easy to maintain and low maintenance
  • Very robust and durable through exclusive use of stainless materials (stainless steel, aluminum)
  • Flexible servo-technology
  • Intuitive user interface with powerful functions at the same time

Base- / base-stress-inspection with optimal coverage of the base area

  • For containers with a large difference between finish- and base diameter
  • Common base inspections are not able to cover the complete base area
  • Base camera with special lens and pre-focal point ensures 100% coverage of the base area

Finish inspection- reflection and incident light

  • 2 inspection methods (reflection and incident light) guarantee best inspection results, for defects on the sealing surface as well as defects deeper in the finish
  • With an improved depth of field, low lying defects at the inner or / and outer finish area can be recognized

Moldnumber readers

Mold Number Reading

  • Dotcode (9 / 10 ..)
  • Segment Code / Alphanumeric Code - advanced algorithm
  • Peanut Code (AGR Code)
  • Costumer-specific codes

Symplex B - flexible motorized adjustability

  • Completely motorized and very fexible adjustability using servo-drives
  • Base Blister
    Base Blister
  • Base Inclusions
    Base Inclusions
  • Base Out-of-Shape
    Base Out-of-Shape
  • Base Tears
    Base Tears
  • Base Stress
    Base Stress
  • Line over Finish
    Line over Finish
  • Finish Blister
    Finish Blister
  • deformed edge
    deformed edge
  • divergent diameter
    divergent diameter
  • Crizzled Finish
    Crizzled Finish
  • Finish Tear
    Finish Tear
  • Unfilled Finish
    Unfilled Finish

Short specification

  • Dimensions:
    approx. 1200mm x 1080mm x 2400mm
  • Performance:
    400 containers / minute,
    higher speed upon request
  • Conveyor speed:
    maximum 1 m/s
  • Container dimensions:
    height: 40mm - 440mm
    diameter: max. 15mm - 160mm
    finish diameter: 10mm - 120mm
    further upon request