Inspection system for gob observation underneath the shears

The GCO system

  • Gob weight
  • Gob shape and other parameters
  • Spatial position of the gob
  • Shape of the beginning and the end of the gob
  • Gob trend development
  • Automatic weight control
  • Closed Loop

GCO - image processing and 3D-model of the gob

3D Model weight control

  • Gob weight
  • Gob shape
  • Closed-loop control
  • High ...

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highlights of the software

  • Server publishes image data and measurement values via web interface
  • Data are accessible via desktop or mobile device (tablet, iPad, etc.)
  • Fast display and updating
  • Continuous volume measurement of 100% of the cut gobs
  • Monitoring of geometry limit values
  • Weight monitoring and regulation for all processes including blow-blow where PPC is not usable
  • Monitoring of the gob shape and trend analysis

2 cameras in stereo vision setup

  • “Real 3D vision" through a large view angle
  • Monitoring "around the gob"
  • High resolution
  • Robust implementation
  • Water or air cooling
  • Protection against contamination of the optical inlet
  • Large distance from the gob
  • Flexible positioning of the cameras (different distances and angles)

image processing and 3D-model to determine important parameters

3D Model weight control

  • Gob weight
  • Gob shape
  • Closed-loop control
  • High speed image acquisition
  • Gob in free fall
  • Recognition of the gob outline via two viewing angles
  • Transformation onto 3D coordinate
  • Generation of a 3D gob model

Observable parameters

  • Length
  • Diameter
  • Spatial position
  • Bending of the gob
  • Gob volume
  • Gob weight as per gob volume

GCO - Monitoring

  • Monitoring of critical parameters
  • Comparison with stored ideal shape
  • Detection of deviations
  • Automated generation of warnings and malfunction messages
  • Quality assurance and traceability

Short specification

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