multikon chili-vzm

state of the art servo driven container separation/spacing unit

  • Maximum reliability combined with flexible adjustment options
  • Servomotor-driven
  • Fully integrated in line control
  • Individual adjustments for different types of containers

multikon chili-vzm - functional principle - VIDEO

  • Containers of different shape and diameter are gripped by foam belts in multisort production ...

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  • outstanding durability of the machine through exclusive usage of high-quality rustproof materials like stainless steel or alluminum

multikon chili-vzm - highlights

  • Separation of containers with up to 30mm diameter difference for multisort production
  • Once separated the containers are released onto the conveyor which runs at the same speed as the belts
  • Reliable separation as speed change only inside the belts
  • No free standing speed change of the container on the conveyor
  • Pressure by incoming containers is absorbed and does not hamper operation
  • No line stops due to slipping containers
  • Containers cannot fall over
  • Servo-drive allows flexible fine adjustment of the belt speeds
  • Height adjustment of the belts allows adaption to different container types

multikon chili-vzm - functional principle

  • Containers of different shape and diameter are gripped by foam belts in multisort production lines
  • Separates the containers using two pairs of lateral belts, driven by four servomotors.
  • Incoming containers are gripped securely with the first pair of belts.
  • Shards or downware containers are eliminated through a conveyor gap.
  • The second pair of belts moves by default with a fixed speed ratio of 1:2 to the infeed and thus creates a defined minimal gap between the containers.
  • The speed ratio is variable and can be adjusted flexibly.
  • Lateral belts and conveyor are synchronized when the container is released, no speed dif-
  • ference.

multisort production

  • Inspection and/or identification and distribution of a variety of container types on one production line.
  • Differentiation of container types either directly in the sidewall inspection system or using the standalone recognition multikon-sort.
  • All essential components needed for recognition and separation and distribution of the different containers as a one-stop solution.

Short specification

  • Performance:
    400 containers / minute,
    higher speed upon request
  • Conveyor speed:
    maximum 1 m/s
  • Container dimensions:
    diameter: max. 200mm